Technology projects have numerous characteristics that make each unique but also predictable.  McCarter has been involved in a huge variety of infrastructure implementations and has his share of lessons learned and best practices.  His breadth of projects provide historic knowledge and the ability to interpolate answers for new, unseen surprises.  

Let his experience, knowledge and expertise make your next project a success.

Technology Projects

Government Sector Projects 

Managed by Les during his six years at a Portland Regional Government:

  • PCI Mitigation and Security Culture Creation
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Moving our tactical to strategic management of our VM virtual environment
  • ITIL Transformation
  • Creating a Team Vision and Long Term Plan
  • Rebuilding Strong Internal Customer Relationships
  • EMC Enterprise SAN Storage, Backup and Recovery Transformation
  • Building an Incident Management Team Mentality
  • Re-Instrumenting Management Tools: Alerting, Monitoring and Proactive Actions / Reactions
  • Instituting stronger security systems (Palo Alto, PCI) and policies
  • Integration of Five-Year Microsoft License, OS, Product Plan (not business as usual)
  • Management of vendors, contracts, partners, budget and government procurement/RFP/RFI processes
  • Working directly with top management, department managers, and end users to create organization technology standards and strategic goals

Private Sector Projects 

Managed by Les during his nine years at a Fortune 1000 electric utility company:

(* – Signifies project in excess of $1 million excluding labor)

  • Replace 200+ Network Cisco Network: Converge Voice and Data into a single collection of MPLS/QOS set of services *
  • Implement Voice over IP Business Telecom Project, including a Call Center IVR and call recording *
  • Upgrade Data Center to new Secure Cabinets – Re-racking every live server/network component
  • Upgrade Data Center to be more energy efficient; saving thousands of dollars a year
  • Implement Microsoft Live Communication / Office Communicator / Live Meeting
  • Convert 600 plus users to new Cell Phone Provider
  • Convert 200+ Physical Windows Servers to a VM Virtualized Environment
  • Pilot Thin Client Virtualization Potential with VDI
  • Rollout Thin Clients to a subset of business users
  • Rollout SSL VPN for Employees
  • Rollout SharePoint Server
  • Implement Copier/Printer Managed Services (Version 1)
  • Build Out a Second Data Center
  • Implement Security IDS via Managed Services
  • Rollout new SOX Controls Management System
  • Wireless Rollout Project to cover 90% of Business Network
  • Implement Copier/Printer Managed Services (Version 2) *
  • Managed 90-Person Office Move from Ward to Pauahi Tower New Facility (people, technology)
  • IBM zOS Upgrade to 64-bit OS
  • Unified Unix Security / Windows Active Directory through Centrify
  • Selection of Corporate Unix Standard *
  • Design PC LifeCycle
  • Upgrade Enterprise Backup Solution
  • Implement Disaster Recovery for HP Unix at East Coast Site and manage IBM mainframe DR in Boulder, CO
  • Design and Implement Independent Developer Security IT Network Zone
  • Create Enterprise Unix Environment (people, technology, vendor, SOX, operations) *


  • 25+ years of managing technical staff ranging from 9 to  25 people
  • Vendor contract and contractor management
  • Ten years running a startup tech company; growing from 3 to 33 people (named back to back to back top 12 small business in Hawaii)


  • Managed two separate government agency capital and operations IT budgets
  • Strong government procurement skills (RFP/RFB/RFI creation from scratch, contract negotiations, and contract/project management)
  • Responsible for annual operating/capital budget (salaries NOT included) in excess of $1.6 million
  • Public Utility Rate Cases for Electric Price Increases


  • Recently responsible for large regional public sector government infrastructure (1,100+ users); manage Help Desk, plus support for desktops, servers, network, security, data centers and various services, such as Internet and email.
  • Previously responsible for 24 by 7 operations for a mission-critical company that the State of Hawaii depends upon for its lifeblood of electricity:
    • 400 plus Windows Servers
    • 30 plus Unix Servers
    • One IBM Mainframe
    • Bill Print Production
    • Payroll statement printing
    • 100’s of terabytes of enterprise storage
    • 1,500+ Voice over IP business telecom system
    • Two data centers
    • Mesh Cisco data/voice network
    • 1,700+ desktops
    • Services: Internet, email, security, web filtering, alerting